Ginko biloba refreshes the memory, while the scent of rosemary sharpens concentration

Ginko biloba refreshes the memory, while the scent of rosemary sharpens concentration
Ginko biloba is an ancient Asian plant and perhaps the most famous memory refresher. It is considered a natural remedy for disturbances in cerebral circulation. It reduces the amount of free radicals (responsible for brain aging and the death of the nervous system).
You are not alone if problems with concentration make it difficult for you to perform everyday tasks and the simplest tasks. There are methods that encourage better work of the small gray cells of the brain and mental fitness reaches its maximum (regardless of age or the job you do).

  1. Enrich your diet with whole grains and reduce processed foods to a minimum. Essential fats are important for brain function. Fatty fish has been proven to reduce “confusion in the head”. Flax seeds and chia seeds help to gain better concentration. Snack occasionally on almonds and walnuts. Amino acids (especially tryptophan) which are found in eggs, skinless poultry and legumes help.
  2. Magnesium has shown exceptional results in strengthening memory and concentration. Magnesium is particularly effective in preventing memory loss in middle age. It was found that it has a positive effect on the key receptors in the brain responsible for learning.
  3. Vitamins of the B group maintain normal brain function. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) ensures good concentration. Vitamin B2 provides quick mental reactions. B2 is abundant in almonds, cereals, milk, eggs, offal. More free radicals are produced in the brain than in any other organ. That is why a greater amount of antioxidants is needed, especially vitamin A (carrots, orange juice, leafy green vegetables).
  4. Memory needs exercise – engage the brain with some useful activity that will further motivate the brain to work. Write, read, solve crosswords, paint, walk daily on different routes, learn new jobs. Physical activity helps in addition to memory exercises. Because the flow of more oxygen to the brain improves memory.
  5. Walking and moving outdoors – physical activity refreshes the brain (especially the hippocampus – the part of the brain that stores memories). Older people often have a better memory than the younger generation. Young people spend more time in front of the computer, while older people prefer to walk and stay outdoors. A daily light walk or jog is enough to breathe fresh air and help the brain to work better.
  6. Changing the routine – sit up straight while doing something. The correct way of sitting can speed up circulation and sharpen focus towards an activity. The brain gets the message that you are ready for active work (not sleeping on a chair). Headphones and music are also great helpers if you want to get away from unnecessary information and noise from the environment. We recommend relaxing music that relaxes the brain but does not distract attention.
  7. Medicinal plants preserve memory and strengthen concentrationsmelling rosemary sharpens concentration due to numerous antioxidants. Add rosemary to baths and tea (which strengthens blood flow to the brain). Boil two spoons of rosemary leaves for 2 minutes in 1.5 dcl of water. Thyme is also useful for better brain function because it contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and vitamins. Pour one large spoonful of thyme flowers and leaves with 2 dcl of boiling water. Pour one spoonful of dried lemon balm with a cup of boiled water. You get a potion that improves concentration but also treats stress and depression. Ginko biloba is the most famous memory refresher. This natural remedy strengthens cerebral circulation. At the same time, it reduces the amount of free radicals (responsible for brain aging and the death of the nervous system).

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