All parts of the sunflower are useful in the kitchen and cosmetology

All parts of the sunflower are useful in the kitchen and cosmetology
Plant seeds have been considered the most important and best foods since the earliest history of mankind. All essential amino acids are significantly present in the seeds. There are 50% polyunsaturated fats in sunflower seeds. The largest percentage falls on the essential linoleic fatty acid. This acid is an important precursor of omega-6 fatty acids (which lower blood cholesterol levels). Oleic acid is an important monounsaturated fatty acid and is also abundantly present in sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds have a great nutritional value and are extremely rich in oil. They contain 30 to 50% oil, and 25 grams of seeds already meet the body’s daily need for vitamin E.
100 g of sunflower seeds contains 50 mg of vitamin E
This is important because of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which with vitamin E (antioxidant) will not create cancerous free radicals. This is precisely why it is best to use essential fats from seeds. Sunflower seeds are a very good source of minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium and iron). The seeds contain vitamin E, A and complex B vitamins. All this makes sunflower seeds a food that should be used regularly.
Sunflower seeds are almost as rich in protein as steak
In cooking, raw seeds are used, but also preparations made from dried and fried seeds.
Various tofu (or some vegetable) spreads are prepared from sunflower seeds. The seeds are incomparable with multiple applications. It is an ideal addition to bread and pastries because they give a nice taste and stay fresh for a long time. They are recommended as an addition to breakfast with fresh fruit and fresh cheese (where it ensures the taste and biological value of daily meals). Sunflower is a useful ingredient in the preparation of main dishes, as an addition to soups (finely chopped and dry-fried, i.e. without any fat). Whole seeds give the stew a sweet taste. They enrich the dish with proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. They are also useful in salads. In the diet, they are added to cakes, fruit salads and other desserts, but they are also a delicious fried snack.
When preparing salads and vegetables, it is best to use cold pressed oil. In the oil produced in this way, the amount of unsaturated fatty acids is not reduced (the most important is linoleic 65%), which normally happens in production by a warm technological process. The human body cannot create unsaturated fatty acids, so intake with food is important. Ground seeds can be added to stews (sauces and muesli). Mixed sljeme with water and spices is an excellent topping (for baking and pizza). Nutritious vegetarian cheeses and spreads can be made from mixed seeds. Whole seeds are added to bread and cake dough. Various nut milks can be enriched with sunflower seeds.
Folk recipes with various parts of sunflower
Tea with sunflower petals – tea and tincture are prepared in folk medicine from sunflower petals. Petals have a bitter and slimy taste, they have a slight smell of honey. They contain anthocyanin glycosides, xanthophyll, choline, betaine, carotenoids, phytosterols, sapogenins, sunflower acid.
Sunflower tincture dissolved in water has shown an extremely effective effect against inflammatory conditions of the throat and mouth. The same effect is shown by rinsing the mouth with a decoction of the leaves. Boil a handful of leaves in 1 liter of water (the leaves should be cut in half) for 10 minutes. Leave covered for another 5 minutes. Strain.
Sunflower oil against cramps – oil is extracted from sunflower fruits (equal to olive oil). It is suitable for patients who cannot use oils of animal origin. Sunflower oil is useful for our body because it contains fatty acids (important for the health of blood vessels, but it is effective in lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood). It is recommended for people with liver and bile diseases and for stomach ulcers.
Use sunflower oil to massage your legs (if you have leg cramps)
The massage removes fatigue from the extremities and increases physical strength. The leg muscles should be massaged 2 to 3 times a day (because only then does the massage reduce cramps). Thus, rheumatic pains and pains due to arthritis can be alleviated.
An excellent preparation for massage is obtained by adding essential oils to sunflower oil
Homemade cosmetic recipes with seed flour
Apply sunflower seed flour mixed with water on the face, neck and décolleté. After a few minutes, remove the mask with gentle circular movements. This mixture is a peeling for cleaning the skin and removing dead skin cells. Add lavender water if you have oily skin or calendula water if you have dry skin. People with sensitive skin should add rose water to the mixture.
Linden tea and sunflower flower petals
We collect flower petals for medicinal purposes. We dry the petals or soak them in alcohol for tincture. It can be mixed with linden leaves to make tea. Boil a spoonful of petals with 2.5 dcl of boiling water. Add honey. Such tea helps with flu and high fever. Linden flower strengthens the body’s resistance, while the petals of the sunflower flowers lower the temperature.
Interesting facts about sunflower and the spiral arrangement of sunflower seeds
In the world that surrounds you, we see different forms and causes (which are the result of careful human planning) every day. However, forms and causes also exist in nature. Thus there is a spiral arrangement of sunflower seeds. Their arrangement is determined by the “golden angle” which is 137.5 degrees C and they create the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is a number that many call the “Divine Ratio”. If we take one part of the Fibonacci sequence 2,3,5,8 and if we divide each subsequent number by the previous one, we always get a number close to the number 1,618 (which is the number “fi”). The ratios of measurements in plants, animals and humans approach the number “fi” with astonishing precision.

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