Teas and medicinal plants according to blood groups


Teas and medicinal plants according to blood groups
Teas to avoid
Blood group 0- Aloia, St. John’s wort, strawberry leaf, Tussilago farfara plant, corn silk, senna leaf, thistle, wolverine
Blood group A- Corn silk, red clover, rhubarb, sorrel, cat’s scale
Blood group B- Red clover, apricot leaf, linden flower, Tussilago farfara plant , wolverine, mulberry
Blood group AB-Aloia, red clover, mulberry, linden flower, hay, wolverine, hops, corn silk


Blood group (type) 0 -those people are suited to a diet based on proteins of animal origin, but cereals and dairy products are not suitable (because their digestive tract has not fully adapted to these foods). In general, people with blood group 0 should avoid foods with gluten. These people have problems with stomach acid, although they tolerate stress well. Teas suitable for these people are based on ginger, ginseng, green tea (which is also a well-known substitute for coffee). An ideal choice is a tea mixture of Sencha, ginseng and ginger, and instead of coffee, Japanese green tea is excellent. Teas made from parsley, hops, birch bark, mulberry leaf, linden flower, dandelion, rosehip are also suitable for them. The plants mint, parsley and rosehip have a calming effect on the digestive tract, while aloe vera, echinacea and senna should be avoided. Useful supplements are the complex of B vitamins and calcium (due to the reduced intake of dairy products) and iodine.
Blood group A – a vegetarian diet suits them. It is important for these people to eat as much fresh, unprocessed food as possible (that is, food in its natural form). They are biologically predisposed to heart disease, cancer and diabetes because they have a sensitive immune system. Suitable teas are green tea from Taiwan, pure jasmine flower tea, a combination of silver jasmine and green tea, a mixture of yarrow, calendula and thyme. Hawthorn is useful as a cardiovascular tonic, echinacea and aloe to support the immune system, and green tea for its antioxidant effect. Chamomile and valerian root are excellent in preventing stress. Moderate consumption of red wine has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system of these people.
Blood group B – they should drink premium young green tea, organic green tea without additives, a mixture of lovage, rooibos, sage and lemon balm leaves. Raspberry leaf, parsley, licorice, hot mint, zova, lost birch, elm bark, St. John’s wort, dandelion, mint, thyme, thyme, thistle, yarrow, yarrow and sorrel are also suitable for them. These people are more susceptible to viral autoimmune diseases, so they also need plenty of green leafy vegetables (which contain magnesium). For supplements, it is essential to strengthen immunity against viruses and improve brain function. A useful supplement is magnesium and lecithin.
Blood group AB-should focus on special types of green tea and related preparations, mint, peony, sandalwood, rice drink. The ideal choice is natural yellow tea, a mixture of premium green tea and mint, or sejak and baked rice. A mixture of nettle, mint, catauba and rooibos is especially recommended for men. Some herbal teas are useful (chamomile, echinacea, hawthorn, green tea and dandelion tea). They should also use some dietary supplements, for example vitamin C, selenium and zinc.


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