7 tips for cleaning carpets and rugs at home

7 tips for cleaning carpets and rugs at home
We all usually clean and tidy our homes before the Christmas and New Year holidays. Both the carpet and the mats are part of the general cleaning.

  1. Brushing carpets and rugs – first carefully brush the backside of the carpets using a stiff broom. Sprinkle the carpets with strained and dried tea leaves if it only has a “muddy” appearance. Keep for several hours. Then clean the entire surface with a broom or a vacuum cleaner (remove tea residues).
  2. Carpets of bright colors and shades – rub these types of carpets thoroughly with a mixture of distilled water (or ordinary water in the absence of distilled water) and ammonia. Always clean in the same direction (down the hair).
  3. Shaggy carpet – iron the loose hairs of shaggy carpets over a damp and thick towel. Then brush these parts vigorously with a brush.
  4. Removing grease stains from carpets – grease stains can be rubbed several times in succession with gasoline or trichlorethylene. Change the cloth often. You can also use a special agent to remove stains from clothes.
  5. Stubborn stains from mud, sand and soil on the carpet and doormat – first brush with a brush. Then soak the carpet with a mixture of vinegar and water. Dry with dry cloths.
  6. Wax stains – scrape off the wax with a knife. Then “tap” 90% alcohol on that place. Rub with a dry cloth. After that, iron the damaged area on the carpet with a hot iron over absorbent paper.
  7. Baking soda (or baking powder) – pour baking soda on the stains on the carpet. Leave overnight. Vacuum the carpet in the morning. Repeat the procedure.



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