8 tips to keep the skin on your hands healthier and your nails strong

8 tips to keep the skin on your hands healthier and your nails strong
The skin on the hands will be healthy and well-groomed, the nails strong and firm without cuticles and peeling, but we should follow the advice (advised by dermatologists and beauticians)

  1. The use of protective gloves is mandatory if the hands are in contact with chemical agents – protective gloves (made of rubber or latex) are very useful when performing household chores and contact with chemical detergents and other cleaning agents.
  2. Protect your hands from wind and cold – this advice is also mandatory if the days are cold with minuses or there is a strong and cold wind. Every time you go out, wear gloves that protect your hands and nails from cracking, drying out and creating wounds.
  3. Less use of aggressive hygiene devices – use less soaps that create a lot of foam because they dry out the skin. Use natural soaps without foam, but those that do not remove the human natural fat from the skin of the hands and around the nails.
  4. Avoid prolonged contact with water – hands should not be immersed in water for a long time under any conditions (especially not in warm water). This accelerates the drying of the skin, which begins to crack (especially in the area around the nails).
  5. Feed the skin from the inside as well – dry skin of the hands and cuticles can also mean improper nutrition, i.e. nutrition without minerals and vitamins. Include foods rich in antioxidants, B group vitamins, zinc and folic acid in your diet.
  6. Regular care is also necessary, which means regular use of moisturizing creams as well as richer hand creams that will additionally nourish the skin and nails.
  7. Avoid mechanical peelings or other aggressive products that can cause physical damage to the skin and nails.
  8. Natural honey is a favorite in nail care and well-groomed skin on the hands. It prevents cracking of the skin around the nails and softens the skin. Honey has an antibacterial effect and alleviates (and prevents) inflammatory conditions of the skin.


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