Vegetable juice goes best with easy-to-digest juices (for example, apple and pear)

Vegetable juice goes best with easy-to-digest juices (for example, apple and pear)
Any fresh fruit and vegetable is a good choice for healthy juices. However, the best choice is fresh fruits and vegetables from domestic cultivation for the healthiest vegetable and fruit juices.
The palate and stomach can most easily get used to new vegetable juices (for example from spinach, broccoli or beets) if this juice is mixed with juice from easily digestible fruits (for example apples and pears). Juices should be drunk fresh.

  1. Bright red juice – mix half a peeled watermelon with 3 strawberries, 4 medium-sized pears and 5 dcl of apple juice in a juicer. Add half a liter of carbonated mineral water if you want a carbonated refreshing drink. We recommend cold apple juice instead of carbonated mineral water. Apple juice will be easier to digest, while water increases the laxative effect of fruits (especially melons, watermelons and grapes, or essentially all summer fruits).
  2. Non-alcoholic version of “sex on the beach” – mix one apple, one orange, one peach, one lemon, 3 pineapple rings in a juicer. Pour the juice into a large jug and add a few currants.
  3. Lime and cantaloupe juice – mix in a juicer one quarter of a cantaloupe without the peel and one quarter of a lime cut into pieces. The juice is extremely refreshing if you kept the fruit in the fridge before making the juice.
  4. Universal pineapple juice – put one large slice of pineapple (without core) in the juicer with 6 large strawberries and a cup of white grapes. Remove all moldy parts of the fruit before preparation.
  5. Apple, lemon and black grape juice – mix one bunch of black (or white) grapes with 2 apples and one slice of lemon. The taste will not change significantly if you use black or white grapes, only the color of the juice changes.
  6. Afternoon Thirst Drink – Mix one large grapefruit (remove the peel and the core or core, which is hard and fibrous) with one slice of pineapple, one apple and one slice of lime.
  7. Juice with fruit and sparkling water – mix one peach and one orange with half a lime. A little lime peel can also be added for a stronger aroma (if the fruit is organically grown). Add carbonated water at the end.
  8. Juice with carrots, apples and pears – mix 4 apples and 4 pears. Add cinnamon powder for a slightly different taste. Add some grated carrot (which is the so-called “comfort taste” that turns rainy days into a nice pleasure).


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