6 tips for quick recovery after a (long or short) illness

6 tips for quick recovery after a (long or short) illness
Every disease, even the most harmless disease, leaves traces and consequences on a person. Nevertheless, folk medicine and phytotherapy provide excellent advice that will complement medical therapies and help the individual regain strength and energy. Regular walks in the fresh air are recommended. Do simple gymnastics, Nordic walking and swimming. Positive and visible results will not be absent.

  1. Carrot juice that is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach for 2 weeks. Drink 100 ml of juice every morning.
  2. Carrots with sunflower oil (or sour cream) – drink mashed carrots with sunflower oil (or a little sour cream) which will help restore energy and strength and improve eyesight.
  3. Carrot and apple salad will raise the level of hemoglobin. Contraindications can be colitis and the acute stage of a stomach ulcer.
  4. Apple with walnuts and cranberry – cut three large apples into cubes. Mash a kilogram of fresh or frozen cranberries with a fork. Grind a glass of cleaned walnuts in a blender. Mix all the ingredients and pour half a glass of water. Keep on the fire until the mixture boils and remove from the fire. Cool the mixture and blend again in a blender until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Eat one tablespoon of the mixture twice a day half an hour before meals. Keep the mixture in the fridge. The therapy lasts until you use up the mixture. Contraindications can be diabetes, hypotonia, lactation period, individual intolerance.
  5. Celery, lemon and honey – this combination restores strength and energy, but also removes pain in the joints. Grind the washed celery bulbs in a meat grinder. Add a lemon with the peel without the pith. Add 2 spoons of honey. Keep the mixture in the fridge. Take one tablespoon of the mixture three times a day half an hour before meals. The therapy lasts a month.
  6. Homemade broth from hollow bones – make homemade broth from hollow bones and add a little lemon juice. Add vegetables as desired. This meal restores energy and strength and boosts collagen. Alternatively, you can drink a cup of broth with a boiled egg.

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