Clean your face with domestic rice water

Except vitamins and minerals, rice contains pitera. This is the substance responsible for the great revitalization of the facial skin, which gives it a natural glow. Many expensive facial care products contain pitera. Surely you’ve heard of the product SK-II (the most expensive beauty products available in the market), which contains the substance pitera.


Make your own homemade rice water, and clean your face quickly and effectively and prepare it for the upcoming spring. By using rice water you can wash your hair.

Recipe number 1 for domestic rice water:


-organic rice

-filtrated water, and

-small jar.

First wash ½ cup of rice with water. Then cover it with filtered water. Leave it for a few minutes, until the water becomes a pale white. Your tonic is finished and ready for use. Pour contents into a small jar, which you can refrigerate. You can use your tonic for up to 4 days. Instead of organic, you can use ordinary rice.

Recipe number 2. for domestic rice water:


-1/2 cup of ordinary rice

-fresh water

Cook the rice in water (but put more water than usually). When rice is cooked, drain the water and your tonic for hair and face is finished. First clean your face. Then use a piece of cotton soaked rice water and apply on your face. Your skin will be tightened, pores narrowed and your face will be much healthier.


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