The most amazing diseases of the 21st century (and how to treat them)

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The 21st century brought us a lot of new items,inovations, technology development, all possible sciences, as well as many diseases. Some had gone forward but we could not cure them yet, some of them we already knew from the past and are with successful treatment, while some of them we still need to explore and learn more about. Medicine and Alternative Medicine are investigating, studying new illnesses, and trying for each of them to find the right cure and / or vitamin that will relieve pain or cure us.
We bring you some of the most amazing illnesses of the 21st century, and advice on how you can alleviate and / or possibly completely cure them.
1. Melancholy is one of the most amazing diseases of modern times. It starts with assault attacks. Gallbladder attacks become frequent and followed by stomach pain. Melancholy turns into the deepest conceivable sorrow over time. Patients with melancholy feel mental helplessness. This state of mind keep them in constant, long and somewhat deadly sadness. Neglect that slowly kills every aspect of optimism. Melancholia can be alleviated by adequate medical therapy / medication and / or alternative medicine. Aternative’s medicine says that the best cure for melancholy is freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice (without sugar). The other cure of alternative medicine says that this disease and all the other is best treated with a fat lamb’s head (well-cooked lamb meat).
2. Stress – We all know that stress affects all age groups, all people, both sexes, and that we face it in everyday life. For stress, there is no invented drug. We can only relieve it. Many people use yoga, various breathing techniques, listen to relaxing music, or relieve stress by eating any of light food. To get rid of stress, we need to know ourselves well, to see and think about what relaxes us, looks happy and dedicates time to it. Stress does not disappear overnight, but it can be quite ameliorated to almost disappearance, if we work in accordance with our body and needs. Tip plus: Lemon and orange juice and / or any other fruit juice helps to reduce the level of stress our body faces.
3. Variations in mood – in just one day, our mood may change several times. If something hits us or worries, the mood changes at a moment. At one moment we are happy to the sky, we fall into despair for several hours. Nothing new. On the contrary, this has happened to people from early history. If we are in the situation, we should promptly respond to the most appropriate way. Medications are the last option in consultation with doctors. If we still want a cure, we should start with the lighter plant-based variants. Tip plus: A combination of different grasses can help. We boil the tea we drink throughout the day as a substitute for water (no sugar).
4. Depression is a well known disease for everyone. Also, a medicine that can completely cured depression, is not invented yet. Scientists are constantly working on this and trying to find adequate therapy / medication to cure the patients with this diagnosis. Depression can be alleviated. The problem with depression is that this disease returns, and returns depending on the conditions of life in which we live, life situations, environments, everyday problems. We can relieve ourselves each time we “fall into depression”. We are returning to freshly squeezed juices, light food, yoga, relaxing music, nature walks, staying in nature, everyday meditation exercises and light breathing. Therapy can be devised for ourselves (according to our needs and requirements) and is a regular one to follow / use.
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All these diseases and many others are mostly psychological. The life time of the 21st century is fast and merciless and we need to adapt us on it. However, our self and our engagement can depend on the ultimate result.

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