How has cycling developed historically?

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The bicycle is an invention that has a variety of applications. With a simple ingenious setting, it opens up many possibilities. The bicycle is a favorite children’s toy, a means of transport, a way for occasional recreation and a prop for the most strenuous sports activities. The bicycle offers many possibilities because it is a simple and easily accessible means of transport. The bike is easy to park. Cyclists have excellent maneuverability that allows them to easily change direction and choose a smaller traffic route. By bicycle, people can move on various surfaces. Shortcuts through parks and similar green areas are often available while respecting marked trails. By riding a bicycle, we contribute to the reduction of traffic jams and the consumption of fossil fuels. The result is a reduction in pollution and noise levels. Urban noise or noise in urban areas is considered one of the important stressors of modern society and a serious polluter of the environment. Cycling does less damage to roads and road infrastructure. Cyclists need a smaller area of ​​paved paths, which leaves more opportunities for additional green areas. Cyclists have lower expenses compared to motor vehicle owners Most repairs can be done by an experienced cyclist on their own with a few tools and with little skill and knowledge. Responsible city authorities are developing public transport networks to be compatible with cyclists. All this contributes to better movement in city zones. The cyclist has constant physical activity. Maintains good physical and mental health. Exercise reduces the effects of stress. Constant activity reduces visits to doctors to a minimum. Statistically, cyclists relieve health funds and reduce the pressure on the entire health system.
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The German baron Karl von Dais invented a bicycle with a wooden frame, handlebars and two wheels in the early 19th century. The user of this bicycle was moving by pushing with his feet. Then a few more ideas and inventions of the bicycle emerged although Drais ’idea was accepted as the first invention of the bicycle. A few decades later, the Scottish blacksmith Kirkpatrick Mcmillan improved the design by adding the possibility of mechanical drive. Mcmillan is remembered in history as a participant in the first recorded incident with a bicycle. New inventions were used in the middle of the 19th century. Frames began to be made of pipes and light materials instead of iron profiles. The size of the front wheel was slowly decreasing and the seat was moved back. Thus, from the demanding original models, we came to a design close to today’s modern design. The front steering wheel was released by the discovery of the chain. The chain was used to transfer energy from the gear driven by the pedals to the rear wheel. A way of comparing wires that evenly distributed the impact force on the wheel rim was developed. The ultimate improvement in the comfort of the bike happened with the introduction of air-filled tires. At the end of the 19th century, the bicycle had a better braking system and possible gear changes using a system of gears of various sizes. Since that time, new scientific technologies have been applied to make the bike design perfect.
Bicycle racing and competition began to take place immediately with the development of bicycles. Dusty roads and roads of the 19th century were the scene of various bicycle competitions. The modern Olympic movement has embraced cycling since its inception. Cycling competitions are held in several categories. The most popular categories are: road cycling, mountain biking (MTB), cyclo-cross, track cycling, extreme cycling (BMX). Cycling is part of a triathlon competition. There are competitions in riding a recumbent bike. There are also a lot of underrepresented categories where participants show their strength and skills. Riding a bike is part of your lifestyle choice. The most physically demanding discipline is road cycling as part of the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France. There are gatherings in the history of bicycle racing. One of the famous is “Heroica”. Then thousands of cyclists enjoy the cycling time machine. Some of the most famous legends among cyclists are: Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali, Jacques Anquetil, Beryl Barton, Sean Kelly, Tom Boonen, Marianne Vos and others.
When buying a bicycle with accompanying equipment, it is best to consult with experts. The size of the frame should be adjusted to the body measurements. It is necessary to know the purpose for which the bike is purchased. Safe equipment includes elbow pads, gloves and a helmet. It is recommended to wear brightly colored clothes and a fluorescent vest for cyclists. It is advisable to consult a doctor regarding the level of body load when using the bicycle.

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