Aloe Vera through history (and Filatov’s method for making Aloe juice)

cover page:
The pharaohs believed in the power of the Aloe Vera plant and considered this plant an elixir of longevity. Hippocrates wrote: “Aloe cures tumors, stimulates hair growth, cures dysentery and helps with stomach problems.”
330 BC Alexander the Great suffered a dangerous gunshot wound in Palestine. The wound festered. With the help of the plant, the wound healed quickly. Aristotle persuaded Alexander the Great to conquer Socotra because he heard that a fantastic tree was growing on the island from fellow people making healing juice to heal wounds and diseases. Napoleon’s chief surgeon used this herb to treat soldiers’ wounds. The beauty of Queen Cleopatra can be partly attributed to the Aloe vera gel. That’s why Aloe was planted around the pyramids. Paracelsus said that golden drops of Aloe cure blood poisoning and burns. The New Testament says that the body of Jesus Christ was anointed with aloe and myrrh balm. Chinese doctors used the thorns of this plant for acupuncture. Samurai anointed the body with aloe juice before the war to make them invulnerable. The Greeks consider this plant a symbol of beauty, patience, happiness and health. The American Indians rank the aloe plant among the 16 most important plants in the world. Maya girls smeared aloe juice on their faces to make them more beautiful. Astronauts who went to the moon in 1969 wore aloe cream to protect them from harmful radiation.
Making biostimulating juice from Aloe by the method of V.P. Filaki
The middle, lower and well-developed aloe leaves have the most effective effect. The leaves should be carefully separated from the plant. Some authors believe that it is best to do this only with a wooden knife (not a metal knife). Wash in cold water. Leave the leaves to dry naturally. Then put the leaves in a bowl and cover the bowl. Leave in a dark place to stand for 12-15 days at a temperature of 6-8 ° C. Optimal time-two weeks of refrigerated storage is advised. After this treatment, some leaves will turn black. Such parts should be carefully cut off and discarded. Healthy leaves should be ground on a meat grinder. Strain the porridge through a double cotton gauze. Thus we get a valuable and biostimulating aloe juice. Sometimes higher requirements are needed to make the juice. In order to start a factory for the production of necessary useful substances of absolute power, the plant is not watered for 5-7 days before cutting the leaves. Freshly cut leaves are placed in the refrigerator. Keep for 10-12 days at a temperature of 2-6 ° C in a well-closed container. After the release of biogenic stimulants, the matter is used to prepare various medicines. Experiments conducted regarding the effect of aloe juice on various harmful microorganisms have shown the highest degree of efficiency of fresh juice of this plant. The longer the juice is kept the effect gradually weakens. After a while, the effect completely disappears.
Facts about the Russian school about aloe
In the late 1930s a famous Russian ophthalmologist Academician V.P. Filatov was the first to find a biostimulant group (which is created under certain conditions). Biostimulant juice is enriched with enzymes. The preparation obtained from that juice stimulates the cells of the diseased organ to regenerate. Biostimulating juice is also used against various skin diseases (in this sense also against radiation). It is drunk strictly on the doctor’s recommendation.

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