How useful is any type of soup?

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Thick soup or broth has been a mandatory start to every meal throughout history. Today, the diet has changed a lot and we change the thick soup for some fruit or a sandwich or a plate of salad. However, there is a rule that says “the older people get, the more they need a plate of warm thick soup every day. Soups heat up well, give the body the required amount of electrolytes and improve digestion. With age, the activity of enzymes involved in the process of digestion (milk) changes. That is why any kind of soup / broth is important as people get older. A large amount of useful electrolytes remains in the food by cooking, which is not the case when it comes to stewing or baked food. The soup is an excellent remedy for inflamed mucous membranes of the digestive organs. Thick cream soups are an excellent remedy for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Thick soups coat the inside of the stomach / stomach and alleviate inflammatory processes in the body. They contain many vitamins and microelements needed by the body. In the case of weak acidity of gastric juice, then the soups achieve the secretion of glands that line the gastric mucosa and strengthen the secretion of gastric juice. Meat soups are not suitable for people who have a stomach ulcer because they stimulate the secretion of hydrochloric acid.
Vegetarian soups are healthier than meat soups because they are easier to digest. Vegetable soups can be eaten by almost everyone because there are no contraindications. You should be more careful with meat soups. The process of digesting meat and mushroom soups is slower and more difficult. It is always better to cook soup with meat in another water. After the meat boils in the water, pour that water over and pour in new water. Then cook the meat broth in new water. You can cook meat separately and cook vegetables separately. Then combine both soups into one soup.
Chicken soup, fish soup or cream soup with mushrooms should not be eaten by people who have a metabolic disorder, gout or a stone in the urinary tract. In case of these diseases, it is best to consume vegetable soup. Cattle bone soups (beef) are also not recommended because they are harmful to the body. They contain a lot of extracts that irritate the gastric mucosa and stimulate the secretion of gastric juice.
Milk soups are a useful and tasty dish, although with age, the amount of enzymes needed to break down milk sugar decreases in humans. One of the best choices is buckwheat soup. Buckwheat is the queen among cereals in terms of useful substances. Care should be taken that the soup is not consumed for dinner or during the evening hours (before bedtime).

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