A simple mixture of lemon and olive oil cleanses the body, improves digestion and speeds up metabolism

If you wake up in the morning without strength, tired and exhausted, then a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice will help. This remedy has been known since ancient times and health benefits (revitalization and detox). Olive oil supplies the body with essential fatty acids that help fight bad cholesterol.The ancient Greeks and Romans knew well the value of this remarkable mixture and called it liquid gold.
Medicinal properties of a mixture of olive oil and lemon

  1. Encourages cleansing of the body

If you feel swollen, sluggish and tired, your body is probably loaded with toxins. The reason may be poor and unhealthy diet or slow metabolism, which is associated with overload of the liver and gallbladder. This simple mixture of olive oil and lemon juice will stimulate the metabolism and accelerate the excretion of toxins.At the same time it will protect against the harmful effects of free radicals.It is recommended one tablespoon of olive oil with three drops of lemon juice, every morning immediately after waking up.Only half an hour after drinking drink breakfast. After just a few days, you will feel clear and energetic.

  1. Preserves heart and blood vessel health

Olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids. These fats are extremely important because they stimulate blood circulation and at the same time remove excess bad cholesterol. In combination with lemon they have an anti-inflammatory effect and provide the body with important vitamins. A mixture of olive oil and lemon is equally good for adults and children. .Children will also have many benefits from just one teaspoon a day – prepared by dripping 3 drops of lemon juice into olive oil.

  1. Helps with pain caused by rheumatism

This mixture has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that will soothe inflammatory conditions and reduce oxidative stress.If you use it regularly, every day on an empty stomach, a mixture of lemon and olive oil will significantly help fight arthritis and joint pain.

  1. Eliminates abstinence

This is an ideal remedy against abstinence / digestive problems. The combination of olive oil and lemon helps create digestive mucus. It improves the work of the liver and gallbladder. It acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps the body get rid of toxins more easily, thus cleansing and regenerating faster. and helps eliminate everything the body does not need.

  1. Helps in the weight loss process

A mixture of olive oil and lemon juice is great for burning excess body fat. The fatty acids in the mixture help break down fat accumulated primarily in the abdomen. Regular use will reduce the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Recipe for a mixture of olive oil and lemon

• ½ tablespoons (8 g) of olive oil
• ½ tablespoons (5 ml) of fresh lemon juice

Preparation and use: Mix both ingredients. Drink the mixture half an hour before breakfast. You can use it daily. The recommended daily amount is one tablespoon. Consume the mixture at least three times a week to be more effective.

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