Hobby or work: basic accessories and tips for beginners in drawing


This interesting period of the pandemic gives a longer stay indoors. The new reality, present and / or future provides more time for reflection. Drawing is one of the options to use the time well and learn a new hobby or future profession. Drawing never becomes obsolete or disappears. Drawing relaxes and calms. Any person can learn to draw. It is important that it is not necessary to have expensive accessories for drawing. For starters, the accessories you already have at home are enough (HB pencil, eraser and plain printing paper).
You can decide to buy additional accessories later or as needed.

  1. Graphite pencil – different hardness / softness. Soft B-marked are mostly used for drawing. You can buy a set of pencils from 2H to 8B for long-term use.
  2. Eraser – two types of eraser are mainly used (white vinyl eraser and soft eraser for erasing a graphite pencil). You may only need one very thin and precise eraser while drawing. Use one eraser from a technical pen for this purpose, but you can cut a white vinyl eraser to erase the pen.
  3. Drawing paper – they say that the best paper is in the range from 110g / m2 to 180g / m2 with a slightly or medium rough surface. Smooth paper is not good for drawing because graphite does not stick to that paper.
  4. Accessories for smearing graphite – you can alternately use a handkerchief, ear sticks, a paintbrush.
  5. White acrylic paint – or use white tempera instead (in the final stage for various additional effects).
  6. For beginners in drawing, it is advisable to use various tutorials from YouTube beforehand. Choose the drawings you like. So learn with the help of people who are already good cartoonists.

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