Strong lighting in the bathroom prevents financial losses in the home

Feng Shui says that there are many important symbols for positive living and greater security of home / business or other living space. Symbols have 3 important functions: protect, effective remedies against intangible negativity, attract good luck. The essence of this ancient philosophy is that negative energy does not hit the target, but that you activate good luck every day with small activities.

The existence of all 3 symbols according to Feng Shui practice is desirable for any space in order to achieve greater happiness, harmony, and protection against tangible and intangible negativity.

  1. Try to have a good supply of 6 metal bells on a stick in the space. They are extremely effective against negativity in space.
  2. Get a large urn in which you can keep still water. This is an effective remedy against quarrels and noisy meetings that cause headaches.
  3. The bathroom should be lit with strong lights as this prevents financial loss.
  4. The trademark of Feng Shui is a pair of dogs in the home. Or in front of the front door.
  5. A statue of a smiling Buddha is a symbol of happiness.
  6. In the back of the home, hold a turtle figure that is a very powerful symbol of household longevity.
  7. Have at least one symbol of wealth in the living room (a three-legged frog or, even more efficiently, a sailboat loaded with gold bars).

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