Open call to all interested people around the globe: a tourist flight to the Moon in 2023

Japanese billionaire Maezawa Yusaku, 45, is looking for eight people to accompany him on a tourist flight to the Moon in 2023. Maezawa announced on Twitter that he would cover all the costs of the “dearMoon” tour to the Moon in 2023, making him the first private passenger on such a trip with SpaceX. Elona Muska In a video message, the billionaire stated that the SpaceX tour will be a special expedition leased all seats. “I’m looking for eight people, we’re going to go with a‘ Starship ’rocket produced by SpaceX,” Maezawa said. The trip will take six days as it will take three days to leave and three to return. “Participants will not pay any fees,” the billionaire stated. Maezawa said he had previously planned to select artists like singers, dancers or writers known around the world, but now believes that “any person who does something creative can be called an artist”.

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