6 practical tips for beginners in cooking (part two)

6 practical tips for beginners in cooking (part two)

  1. Dry meat – soak dry meat in boiling water because when you touch the pores on the meat, they close abruptly and all the juice remains in the meat. Then cook the dried meat in the dish.
  2. The old chicken will be softer if it is cleaned and rubbed with oil on the outside and inside. Leave for 12 hours. Chicken older than one year is not for roasting but exclusively for cooking.
  3. Milk-will not burn if you wash the inside of the pan with cold water without wiping before cooking. A deeper vessel is more suitable for cooking milk than a wide but shallow one. Always cook milk and any dish with milk at a low temperature.
  4. Soup- if you are cooking soup with bones and want to use the marrow from the bones. Then dip the bone in the boiling broth for 10 minutes before the broth is done. That’s enough to boil the marrow out of the bone. Wrap the bone in a piece of clean gauze so that the core does not shake during cooking. The soup will get a nice color if you add a little dissolved caramel in a small spoon with water during the last minutes of cooking. Be sure to stir the potatoes with the soup. Therefore, cook the potatoes separately and add them to the soup. Cover the fat from the soup when the soup has cooled. Use this fat later for pasta or topping for boiled potatoes.
  5. Trace of burnt food on the pan (or at the bottom of the pot) – do not remove with a knife or other solid object. Pour a little water into a bowl or pot and add a little sugar and cook the mixture. This is the easiest way to remove the trace of burnt food from the bottom of the pot. Then pour a little more cold water and let it boil. Finally, rinse the pot with a cloth and warm water.
  6. Keep the winter stores (food in jars such as jams, mushrooms, tomatoes, …etc.) – which spoils easily and quickly – at hand or on lower shelves. On higher shelves, the air is much warmer, so food in jars spoils faster / easier.

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