5 easy and effective solutions against winter depression

The Myrtus Plant (www.en.wikipedia.org )

5 easy and effective solutions against winter depression
Many people suffer from so-called winter depression, although they do not talk about it. Winter depression more often affects vulnerable groups of people prone to anxiety. There are easy solutions that can help you overcome and ease during the long winter months.

  1. The effect of using plants and grass-depression is driven by the smell of myrtle (Latin Myrtus). It can be a dried or fresh myrtle flower. Myrtle tea can be brewed or a flower added to the bath. Sew myrtle in small canvas bags and arrange it everywhere in the home. Herbal tea baths with lemon balm and mint also help.
  2. Carrot juice – has a refreshing effect on the nervous system. The joyful color of the juice in the morning also improves the mood. Banana snacks help to achieve a good mood.
  3. Herbal tincture that is added to tea – in one liter of brandy, put finely chopped peel of one lemon, 10 g of lemon balm, 2 flowers of spicy cloves, 10 g of nutmeg and 10 g of coriander. Leave for 3 weeks and then strain. You can add this tincture to tea or drink 10 drops two to three times a day.
  4. Cold water removes depressive thoughts – preferably a cold or at least a contrasting shower should be applied daily. If health does not allow the application of a shower with cold water, then you can try cold watering with jug water or bathing in colder water in the bathtub.
  5. During the summer, frequent swimming in a river, lake, sea, ocean or pond is desirable. Contact with nature, proper diet and a positive attitude are the best natural remedies against depression.


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