5 tips for the perfect and favorite dish (or side dish): mashed potatoes


5 tips for the perfect and favorite dish (or side dish): mashed potatoes


A favorite dish or side dish to various dishes is mashed potatoes. There are little cooking tricks that help make mashed potatoes perfect before serving.

  1. Selection of potatoes – for the preparation of mashed potatoes, fruits with a high percentage of starch, so-called velvet potatoes, are needed. Velvet potatoes are perfect for the mashing process. Although in times of economic crisis, any potato we have on hand (white or red, young or old) will be useful.
  2. It is better to cut the potatoes into small cubes – due to the established habit, the potatoes are usually peeled first and then cut into slices or slices. Cooking whole potatoes or whole and peeled potatoes is a cooking mistake. This method takes a lot of time. Therefore, people usually lose their nerve due to cooking, so the potatoes are not cooked to the end. Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into small cubes. Put the cubes in salted water. This way, all the pieces will be cooked equally at the same time. The potato cubes should be cooked until the pieces start to fall apart.
  3. Potatoes can be kneaded by hand – cooked potatoes will not turn into a smooth mass with the help of a blender. Using a blender is not the best solution. It is more correct to return the cooked potato cubes back to the hot pot in which the cubes were cooked. Dehydrate the potatoes from the remaining moisture at a low temperature. Start stirring lightly and kneading the mixture. Using a potato spoon, start to lightly puree the mixture.
  4. Use enough milk – many do not want watery puree, so put a little milk, butter or cooking cream in the potatoes. The end result is therefore not impressive. Heat the milk or sour cream for cooking and pour the warm milk over the potatoes. Using a food processor and over low heat, stir the mixture gently until all the ingredients are combined and you get the right structure. Potatoes will drink all the excess milk.
  5. Mashed spices are tastier dishes – some people think that mashed potatoes have a neutral and watery taste. Season the potatoes with salt and pepper. Add some other spices (nutmeg, chives or chopped parsley). Finish the cooking with a piece of soft butter that deepens the taste of the side dish (spice).


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