4 best and extremely useful wild herbs

4 best and extremely useful wild herbs
We can pick wild plants every day in clean forests, meadows, glades, but far from urban areas, roads and industrial complexes.
Nettle grows around the world on moist nitrogen-rich soil (for example, near river banks or where compost and fertilizer are stored). It grows in bokors and can reach a height of 1.5 m. Young nettle leaves resemble spinach. The seeds of the plant have the aroma of nuts that become more intense when the seeds are fried. The flowers of the plant are edible and very aromatic. Nettle is a medicinal plant that contains mineral salts (sodium, potassium and phosphorus), iron and calcium, and vitamins E and A. The ingredients of nettle clean the blood, prevent inflammatory conditions and encourage the expulsion of harmful substances from the body. The best are the upper young leaves of the plant. Use gloves when picking nettles. Prepare nettle the same as spinach or cut and use to prepare “pesto sauce” (made with olive oil, garlic, parmesan and pine nuts). Dried leaves are used as a spice or for making tea. The glowing fibers are destroyed by blanching.
Dandelion – from March to September grows mainly in meadows, especially on freshly mowed meadows, in fields and along trails. Dandelion loves the sun but does not like excessive drought. The leaves, flower and root are edible. Dandelion is rich in bitter substances that affect the taste. Young and thin leaves have a mild taste of large and firm leaves. Bitterness is alleviated with watering. Bitter substances from dandelion stimulate appetite and metabolism. The leaves are rich in acalium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin C. At the root is inulin or a fibrous substance similar to sugar, which has a beneficial effect on digestion and intestinal flora. Finely chopped is added to dishes, salads. Mix dandelion in a blender and add yogurt or kefir – you get a great refreshing drink. Salad is prepared from the whole plant. The syrup is made from buds. The root can be prepared as a vegetable or as a substitute for coffee. Tea is made from dried leaves.
Wild garlic-thrives best in the shade. The plant that many consider a weed is healthy and delicious. This plant is easier to buy in markets or shops, unlike dandelions and nettles that people pick in nature. Wild garlic is harvested during April and May. Or plant this plant in a garden where there is enough shade. The leaf of the plant is similar to the leaf of the lily of the valley but has a scent similar to garlic. The taste of wild garlic is a mild version of garlic. It has a beneficial effect due to essential oils, vitamin C and the antibiotic active substance allicin. It stimulates digestion and elimination of harmful substances from the body, acts against gout and rheumatism and lowers body pressure. The finely chopped plant can be mixed with butter or cream cheese or added to salads. Put in sauces and soups at the end of preparation so as not to lose flavor.
Watercress plant-this plant grows near a stream, river or water source. It grows all year round. The best period for picking is from May to September. The plant has a slightly spicy and bitter taste reminiscent of radish and horseradish. Older leaves and branches have a more bitter and intense taste. This plant is rich in essential oils that have a diuretic and antibacterial effect. The leaves contain vitamins A, B1, B2, C and D, as well as potassium, iodine and iron. These substances, together with tannins and bitter substances, encourage the expulsion of harmful substances from the body. It should not be overdone because this plant irritates the stomach and causes heartburn. Gourmets like to enrich the soup and sauce with this plant. It can be added to salads or combined with other herbs but also with juicy fruits. Delicious pancakes with watercress leaves.

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