The constant melting of ice is always a topical issue

The constant melting of ice is always a topical issue
The warning Oscar-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” was created in 2006 by Al Gore (former vice president of the United States of America). Mr. Al Gore is also a long-time promoter of sustainable development. We should all watch his film. The film carries a striking message of “planetary alarm” and possible climate (life) chaos if the global mean temperature increases by more than 2 degrees Celsius by the year 2,100. If the sea level rises by 5 meters by 2,100 years, then parts of cities (for example, New York, Shanghai, Cardiff and even London) may remain under water.

Each person can make their own contribution to reducing climate change
Climate change did not come from the sky, but man carelessly changes it. Experts and scientists need to find ways to educate the public about the climate change crisis. They should be louder and more persistent in situations where decision-makers do not understand them, censor them, ignore them and deviate from the priority line.
Today in this part of Europe (in the Balkans) we jump from summer suits and sandals to winter coats and boots. The snow is becoming rarer and shorter. Experts point to a possible tsunami in the eastern Mediterranean.
Living conditions have changed in a changed climate. Plants that thrive, the length and type of tourist season, floods, droughts, heat waves, natural disasters, etc. Long-term plans for economic, agricultural and technological development become inaccurate. It is important that economic planning is accompanied by sustainable development planning. Economic development should consider weather forecasts, climate change and sustainable use of natural resources in a timely manner. Admittedly, there is an international agreement called the Kyoto Protocol. This protocol directs development to technologies with low emissions of carbon compounds and to the reduction of gas emissions (which create greenhouse effect conditions on the planet, as well as technologies that are friendly to the climate and the environment, renewable energy sources and afforestation. Strategic planning of sustainable development is the basis for investments and cleaner technology and production.

Every person can make some positive changes today:

  1. Buy locally produced food. Buy more fresh and less frozen food.
  2. Demand that factories from your towns (especially coal-fired thermal power plants) publicly display plans to reduce the emission of harmful gases. Then, as residents of that country/region/certain location, check the fulfillment of those plans. Perhaps a factory in your area can switch its operations to the use of “clean oil” technology.
  3. Plant at least one tree this year.
  4. Join organizations and public tree planting actions that always invite participants and volunteers in a timely and public manner. The titles are often inspirational “One man-one tree”, “Let’s plant a tree so we can all breathe easier” and similar titles.
  5. Contribute to the systematic management of municipal waste in your town (including the use of landfill gas).
  6. Take responsibility for your own waste. Recycle more and avoid unnecessary packaging.
  7. Contribute, if you have the possibility, to the public transport solution to pollute the environment as little as possible.
  8. Ask yourself today what fuel is in your car, tractors, trucks, buses and other means of transportation. And what tires are used on the wheels.
  9. Perhaps you can introduce solar heating or a windmill in your household or garden.
  10. Save energy inside houses and apartments. Check the insulation from time to time, replace the usual bulbs with compact and fluorescent ones.
  11. Turn off TV devices and computers if you are not using these devices.
  12. Save hot water. Reduce the use of cooling devices. Periodically service all cooling devices if you use these devices regularly. Change the filters regularly.
  13. Look for more detailed information about sustainable development and the environment in which you live. Ask around and online if you are unsure. All questions generally have an answer.
  14. Every person can immediately become active, which is more important and better than inactivity and passivity. Be the change and a personal part of the solution. Nature will always be grateful to you.
  15. The 5th of June is The World Environmental Day 2023.

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