7 tips for maintaining leather items

7 tips for maintaining leather items

  1. The edges of the leather belt will not be damaged if you rub the edges with an aqueous solution of soap. Afterwards, coat the belt with castor oil (just lightly dip the cloth in castor oil) after the spoon is completely dry.
  2. Leather gloves will not lose their shine or their original appearance if the gloves are occasionally sprinkled with talcum powder (on the inside). Otherwise, any leather glove loses its elasticity after the hands sweat.
  3. Grease stains on leather bags (backpacks, satchels, wallets, etc.) will be most easily removed if you coat the stains with a mixture of grated chalk (for example, white school chalk for writing) and rubbing alcohol. The mass should be thick like porridge. Wait for the mass to dry completely. Remove the mass with a brush. Repeat the process if the stains are still present on the leather bags.
  4. New leather shoes (suede leather, glaze leather, pig skin, beef thigh…etc) may squeak when walking. A pipette and oil are required. Carefully drip a little oil between the soles and the face of the shoes. Do not drip on the upper part of the shoes.
  5. The suitcase can be cleaned of stains. Mix linseed oil and turpentine. Rub the entire suitcase with this mixture. Then polish the suitcase with deerskin. A suitcase cleaned in this way will look like a new suitcase.
  6. Greasy stains on shoes made of so-called suede leather can be removed if the shoes are generously sprinkled with baby powder. Keep overnight. In the morning, remove the powder with a brush.
  7. Leather armchairs and leather seats on chairs-whisk the egg whites until stiff peaks form. Coat the surface with a soft brush. Leave to dry. Polish with a thin layer of paste in the color of the leather upholstery.



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